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QUENTREPRENEUR Magazine Launch – to kick start your business

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Ad300x250-QuentrepreneurQuentrepreneur Magazine is a new digital and print magazine concentrating on human interest stories pertaining to Quebec’s entrepreneurs. Featuring sections such as: The History of Entrepreneurship, Women Entrepreneurs, Multicultural Entrepreneurial Communities of Quebec, and many more; the magazine markets to those of shared interest and vision. Quentrepreneur Magazine will be of great value to all entrepreneurs, business professionals and small businesses. A very first edition will be published at the end of September of 2016. As part of this launch, Quentrepreneur Magazine is proud to present the “Rock N’ Bizz” press release tour starting in October of 2016. It will be touring the province of Québec’s following cities : Québec City, Montréal, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières.

“Boom! Boom! Be bold, be brave!,” says Andrew Kokolakis, CEO of Quentrepreneur Magazine, as he envisions business in Québec.

Quentrepreneur Magazine’s website at: contains additional press release and tour information. If you would like to participate in sponsorship or advertising, please contact Manuela Cobian, Business and Media Relations, at: or call: (514) 369-3331 Extension #203 by September 25th, 2016.