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Who Art Romeo?

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Romeo’s Advice for Entrepreneurs

Stéphane Rochefort Romeo’s Gin Global, Brand Ambassador
“Be well prepared. Get the most information you can on your market before getting into it.”

Pur Vodka and Romeo’s Gin Creator and CEO, Nicolas Duvernois
“A lot of advice can be given to someone who is launching a new business, but here are a couple of points that I consider very important.”

Knowledge is power: You never know enough about your industry – you should never stop learning.
Be curious: The best ideas, the most innovative thoughts come up when you least expect them. Curiosity makes you think differently about your business and puts you a step ahead of your competitors.
Be patient: Success is a marathon, not a sprint.
Build a team: Nobody ever makes it alone. We are much stronger and knowledgeable as a team.
Passion, passion, passion: If you are not passionate about what you do, the path to success will be very long!

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