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FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE – WHAT IS MY STATUS?  Listen to Maitre Kadas and Maitre Pelonis this Thursday September 29th at 10:30 am and share your questions.   Marriage Celebration A Notary is a Public Official, therefore can celebrate marriages   Marriage Contracts What happens when I get married? What is family patrimony and…

Who Art Romeo?

Romeo’s Advice for Entrepreneurs Stéphane Rochefort Romeo’s Gin Global, Brand Ambassador “Be well prepared. Get the most information you can on your market before getting into it.” Pur Vodka and Romeo’s Gin Creator and CEO, Nicolas Duvernois “A lot of advice can be given to someone who is launching a new business, but here are a couple…

Learn how to shop for your clothes

Every Monday at 10 am on Mg ‘live’, wardrobe tips and tricks of the trade with Miss Bizz. Mark your calendar every Monday at 10, and if you miss it just listen to the podcast! Series starts: Monday September 19th 2016.   Follow Miss Bizz on facebook