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Did you know?

Differences between lawyers and notaries: Same university education: both require a law degree – two distinct professional orders – Chambre des notaires and Barreau du Québec Lawyers represent one party in a conflict with another Notaries are impartial, they protect the interests of ALL parties involved in a given transaction Notaries can represent clients in…

Back to School – The Buses Are Back!

The Buses Are Back!  With a new school year quickly approaching, the Canada Safety Council would like to remind drivers to be extra cautious as school buses return to the roads.   Despite it being an annual occurrence, the return of school buses often brings about episodes of impatience, confusion regarding some of the rules…


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Stay cool and clean for health and beauty with Letha Hadady

Detoxify, reduce inflammation, Here is a liquid turmeric! This common Indian kitchen spice has a broad range of beneficial properties. It bolsters the immune system, purifies the blood and promotes clear, healthy skin. Turmeric strengthens digestion and eliminates toxins from the GI tract. It supports proper function of the pancreas, reduces kapha and promotes healthy…