Emerging Artists

Written by on January 26, 2021

Mitch Davis and their song Bear the Cold. aired on April 22nd 2021.

Planet Cruiser and their song Sleeping Giants. aired on April 15th 2021.

Technicolor Dreamers and their song Hot Stuff. aired on April 8th 2021.

Bhopal’s Flowers and their song Napoleaon Candy Sweet. aired on April 1st 2021.

The Pale Lips and their song You’re a Doll. aired on March 25th 2021.

Les Shirleys and their song Easy Target. aired on March 18th 2021.

Oiseaux and their song A Knock Under The Table. aired on March 11th 2021.

The Rockyts and their song All of the Time. aired on March 4th 2021.

Alysa Clara and her song Hazemaze. aired on February 25th 2021.

Rob Hudec and their song I Don’t Need No Doctor. aired on February 18th 2021.

The Record Breakers and their song Winter. aired on February 11th 2021.

BSZ and their song Been Runnin’. aired on December 24th 2020.

Andrea Ricci and her song 1998. aired on December 10th 2020.

No Action and their song Japanese Girl. aired on December 3rd 2020.

Dandereens and their song Streets of Doom. aired on November 26th 2020.

Alexander D’Alesio and his song On and On. aired on November 19th 2020.

Derek Orsi and his song Faire La FenĂȘtre. aired on November 12th 2020.

SSA and their song Infected. aired on November 5th 2020.

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