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Circus Incognitus (Feb 29 – March 5 2016 at TOHU)

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Circus Incognitus, Feb 29 – March 5, TOHU 
by Jamie Adkins

So, what to say about Mr. Jamie Adkins, the hero of Circus Incognitus? Well just from page one of any good dictionary you could start with able, acrobatic, adroit, agile amusing and keep going from there. With an incredible sense of timing to match an amazing sense of balance and agility, he keeps the audience on edge and enthralled through the whole seventy minute show. Being March Break and a matinee, it was a house full of families with young kids and Mr. Adkins played those kids like a fine tuned violin. Without so much as a word and with the least bit of prompting he had them participating, how and whenever he needed, as if they’d been there for all of the rehearsals. With slapstick, sleight of hand, artful skill and the simplest of props it was seventy relentless minutes of awe and hilarity that had myself, my companion and the whole house doubled over, in tears, and howling with laughter, from its beginning to his final departure from the stage.

adkins-ladders-2-1440010280He deserved and received, without a moment’s hesitation, a full standing ovation. Only a frozen stone could have been immune to the charm, athletics, skill, and humour that Jamie offered up with an ease that surely belied the hundreds of hours of practice and preparation this act must have required. A true experience of mirth and joy for all who were fortunate enough to have attended.

Duration: 65 minutes
Audience: For all


Tuesday March 1 2016
19:00 Meet the artists
Wednesday March 2 2016
14:00 and 19:00
Thursday March 3 2016
14:00 and 19:00
Friday March 4 2016
14:00 and 19:00
Saturday March 5 2016