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Coup de Cœur Francophone > Nov. 5 to 15 2015

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coupdecoeurfrancoFounded in Montreal in 1987, Coup de coeur francophone is a festival dedicated to the discovery of new artists and promoting songs in a wide range of styles. Presented every November in Montreal as well as in more than 45 other Canadian cities, it brings together national and international performers in a program line-up that features up-and-coming, bold and creative artists.

In 1995, Coup de coeur francophone created its “traveling festival” component by establishing the Réseau pancanadien, a Canada-wide network that today has 10active partners in Canadian francophone communities. Spanning six time zones, the event presents roughly 200 shows across the country each year. The Réseau pancanadien showcases francophone creation and provides presentation opportunities for artists, many of whom are from francophone minority communities. It also gives communities access to diversified programming that gives prominence to emerging trends.

Coup de coeur francophone is a festival like no other that has taken to the high seas to steer French song through Canadian and international francophone channels.