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L’immédiat or “performance art”

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“L’immédiat” February 16-21 2016 at LA TOHU

In a nutshell, it was a very weird show — but in a good way. The first ten minutes could easily have been an act from a Cirque du Soleil show — all precisely choreographed acrobatic artistry. It was basically an elaborate stage set that fell apart piece by piece due to the steps (or missteps) of the performers. One has to admire the stage hands that assembled the thing so precisely almost as much as the performers!

L'Immediat de Camille Boitel. ThŽatre du Merlan, Marseille. Mai 2009
L’Immediat de Camille Boitel. ThŽatre du Merlan, Marseille. Mai 2009

That was a tough act to follow and probably should have been the final act rather than the first, because nothing that followed could match it. The remaining 60 or so minutes were elaborations on the same theme, but more drawn out and with reduced set pieces (until the finale, when it seemed as if all the sundry parts and pieces were piled up in one huge heap).

This piece could probably best be categorized as “performance art”. Other adjectives would be bizarre, unusual, different, perfectly timed.

Now here is the review of my colleague who accompanied me:

I was completely awed by the L’Immediat show that I saw at Tohu on Tues. Feb. 16. This was quite possibly one of the most bizarre presentations I have ever seen, but one that was captivating and enthralling every moment. The opening set and its immediate seemingly random demise at the hands, feet, bodies, and whatever other appendages touched anything, was not only hilarious, it was amazing in it’s precision. Throughout the whole production it was cacophony and mayhem flawlessly presented. I offer my whole-hearted congratulations to the cast AND crew and of course Camille Boitel for even managing this complex production on any level, never mind having performed it with such energy and again, such precision. I spent 50% of my time laughing uproariously and 50% sitting with mouth agape in wonder and awe. Well worth the trip through one of this Montreal winter’s nastiest nights, and although I was a fortunate invitee to this premier, it would have been well worth the price of admission for this “one of a kind”, “don’t miss” show.

—- Victoria L.

©Photo Vincent Beaume