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Campagne: SOS la Grèce 2018 Banque: RBC 3131 Côte Vertu Blvd. in Place Vertu Numéro de transit (succursale): 03051 Numéro de compte: 102 77 39 Pour faire un don, rendez-vous dans une succursale RBC avec ces informations bancaires. Les dons en chèque sont à faire à l’ordre de SOS la Grèce 2018. You can go to any RBC branch […]

Après avoir gagné contre la Russie en quart de finale, la Croatie s’est imposée 2-1 à l’Angleterre dans les prolongations. Elle retrouvera la France pour la grande finale du championnat de soccer qui a lieu en Russie. La finale se tiendra au stade Loujniki ce dimanche 15 juillet à 11h. Si la France s’impose, il […]

Participe au concours pour gagner tes places et aller voir Yanni en concert au centre Bell le 22 Juillet 2018

MIKE FM veut t’envoyer voir Shakira en concert! Inscris-toi ici pour participer:      

Official name: Ancient Chinese: 歲首 Literally: “year’s start” Also called: Lunar New Year, Spring Festival, Chinese new year Observed by: The Chinese[1], Worldwide Type: Cultural, religious (Chinese folk religion, Buddhist, Confucian, Daoism) Celebrations: Lion dances, dragon dances, fireworks, family gathering, family meal, visiting friends and relatives (拜年, bàinián), giving red envelopes, decorating with chunlian Date: […]

Are you practising sport? Have you ever felt tension in your articulations or muscles? Talk more about your physical activity with athletic therapy expert Spiros PANAGAKOS. Join the discussion ‘live’ with Mrs. G, every morning at 10 AM and book a private consultation at 514 239 7475.

Ms. Levitan was on Mg “live” to talk about how to stay married and keep the original attraction going and her new book, “That’s Why I Married You: How to Love with Personality Differences” That’s Why I Married You! is not your average marriage book, but a practical handbook for couples written by marriage expert Chana Levitan. […]

Darlene Arden – Author of “Rover, Get Off Her Leg,” Award-winning Writer, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and Speaker was on Mg “live”. Events with booming bangs, a smattering of showers and lightning flashes can cause furry best friends a lot of stress. Similar to fireworks, thunder can be a source of anxiety for pets. With a forecast of thunderstorms […]

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