Des statistiques choquantes provenant d’une étude de la Société Canadienne de Pédiatrie

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logo-sleepwellA recent study conducted by the Canadian Paediatric Society has released some shocking statistics about the state of children’s sleep for Canadian families. The study suggests that 70% of children have trouble falling asleep naturally and that 30% of parents have resorted to over-the-counter medications to help their children fall asleep. While a lack of sleep in children can be incredibly harmful (it puts children at risk for behavior problems, learning problems, and obesity), no one knows the long-term effects of melatonin supplements that some parents are now relying on. Clinical sleep education sessions have been shown to greatly improve child sleep and are a much healthier alternative to sleep medications. Teresa Johnson, Child Sleep Senior Consultant of SleepWell Baby, shares her five tips for safe and independent child sleep.