Naked Boys!

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Naked Boys Singing No dress code required! Grin and bare it!

Naked Boys Singing the musical, first went
“full-frontal” at the Los Angeles’ Celebration
Theater in 1998 and was voted best musical by
“LA Weekly” and “Backstage West”. Since its
raucous debut, the revealing revue has dropped
its drawers for eager audiences around the
world and off-Broadway weekly since 1999. Finally,
this exotic musical comes to Quebec for
the first time ever, during Montreal’s 375th as an
associate event of Canada-Montreal Pride; seven
lucky performances August 16-20 at the historical
Montreal landmark on the Main, Cabaret
Café Cléopâtre.
Six buff young men go full monty while belting
out show tunes and high-kicking like muscular
Rockettes. The original score of 16 songs, which
range from gleefully raunchy to smoothly emotional,
are truly memorable; songs that are fun,
with the contributing stamp of famed comedy
writer Bruce Vilanch quite evident. This restaged
touring version (2016) of the long-running
Off-Broadway revue of the same title, is directed
by Juliard’s Tim Evanicki from Orlando and has
played to packed houses around the USA since
the summer of 2016: Orlando, Fort Lauderdale,
Atlanta, Rochester, and now a premiere of the
second leg of their tour, revealed here in Montreal.
The strong-voiced performers deliver the songs
in engaging fashion. Handled matter-of-factly,
the gratuitous nudity becomes the norm and the
music takes the spotlight. Alternately silly and
shocking, yet ultimately moving, this salacious
musical revue cleverly reveals the vulnerability
of ubiquitous nudity as a window to the human
soul. At time hilarious… at times sentimental…

“… An affable, appealing production with a versatile and
talented cast… It should also be noted that although there
are gay themes throughout, the show has become popular
with all audiences who appreciate nudity. In fact,
many bachelorette and even bachelor and divorce parties
swing by for a giggle before the big day”
Anita Gates – The New York Times

Written by:
Stephen Bates, Marie Cain, Perry Hart, Shelly Markham, Jim Morgan,
David Pevsner, Rayme Sciaroni, Mark Savage, Ben Schaechter, Robert
Shrock, Trance Thompson, Bruce Vilanch Mark Winkler

Tim Evanicki

Andrew Fiacco

Montreal team:

Ian Baird, live instrumental accommpaniment
Adrien Roy Taylor, Sound & Light technician
Davyn Ryall, Promotion & Sales
Ricky Smith & Lisa Marie Thomas, Promotion & Production assistance
Mathieu Flageole, Marketing & Publicity consultant

Austin Paz
Brett McMahon
Jerry Jobe Jr.
Jonathan White
Quentin Brn
Steven Johnson

Ian Baird (Musical Accompaniment, Montreal): Ian is a pianist and composer from Canada’s east
coast. He holds a Bachelor’s from the Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Master’s in Composition
from Universié de Montréal. Recent projects include Musical Direction for Hair with In The
Wing’s Promotions. In his spare time, he is a huge nerd and sports an impressive collection of Japanese
videogames. Ian is extremely excited (and thankfully sitting down during the show) to be involved
with this production.

Quentin Brn (CAST): A French-American, Quentin studied dance at the University of Nice and at the
University of Oklahoma, and trained in Musical Theatre in Paris. Stage, TV and film credits include:
-The Voice France, -Cabaret, -Next Thing You Know, -Lorraine ne sait pas chanter… He is thrilled to
be back, baring it all once again in this gratuitously naked show! “Let he among us without sin be the
first to condemn : La Vie Bohème!” Rent I:23 Montréal : merci pour l’accueil! Je suis très heureux de
découvrir la culture de mes cousins Canadiens!