Prendre part à La Maison du Canada et des Amériques à Lesbos

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[Entrevue de Marc Van den Reeck sur Mg ‘live’ le lundi 19 september à 11h00]

The House of Canada and the Americas will target children vulnerable to exploitation.

At first, it will house unaccompanied refugee minors, who are living behind barbed wire or in make shift shelters on the island. These children are innocent victims of the refugee crisis who find themselves in very dire circumstances, often lacking adequate shelter, food and health care.

In a later phase, The House of Canada and the Americas is destined to become part of “The Smile of the Child”network of homes in Greece which are well-known for their support to children whose lives have been scarred by abuse, mistreatment or other traumatic experiences.

The facility is named after Canadian generosity, while efforts are also  undertaken to reach out to potential donors in the United States and the Americas.

All contributions to The House of Canada and the Americas  project will make a difference.

Learn more about « The Smile of the Child » here and other ways to support here

Supporters can also visit us and donate through the fundraising and crowd funding platform dedicated to this campaign on