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Your host Marie Griffiths talks with experts about various topics to create awareness



On Mondays: it’s alternative medicine.

Mg ‘live’ welcomes Letha Hadady, considered the Martha Stewart of herbs and teas.

You can reach our health expert, Letha Hadady @Facebook, @Twitter and @AsianHealthSecrets.





On Tuesdays: it’s Financial Roadmap.

Mg ‘live’ talks with financial planing expert Keith Donoghue.

You can reach Keith Donoghue @Assante and @email.



Angie and Christina 2


On Wednesdays: it’s The Notaries’ Notes!

Mg ‘live’ and the audience get help from Notaries Christina Kadas and Angie Pelonis.

Keep talking with our expert here.





On Thursdays: it’s To Serve and Protect.

Mg ‘live’ discusses Canada and its laws, how to make it work with former RCMP Sargent Major Sylvain L’Heureux.