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From Shadow to Light

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In Honor of International Women’s Day
The Shield of Athena Family Services
special viewing of Νίκη (Victory):
From Shadow to Light

Thursday March 10, 2016 from 4pm-6pm
Cinema Guzzo (Marché Central)

The Shield of Athena produced this documentary, Νίκη (Victory): From shadow to light, detailing the reality of 5 women, victims of conjugal violence, coming from ethno cultural communities. Their testimonies give an account of their journey towards a life without violence. It is also part of the national strategy on conjugal violence, engagement 10, under “ Prevention of violence and promotion of non-violence”

Some excerpts of the documentary:

“I went to the hospital, I was in emergency and my daughter came and told me…you need to stop this for me and you…and this is how I made the decision to leave”

“During a TV show in Romanian, I heard of an organization and they supported me. I stayed at a shelter for a month with my children and then I started to look for an apartment.”

“I was a victim of sexual, psychological, verbal, economic abuse”

“He made me believe that the violence was my fault, that I was responsible. I always tried to improve the situation because I thought I was to blame.”

“He only let me have a relationship with certain people and only wanted me to communicate with them while he was present.”

Photos of the special presentations and cocktail

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