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Invade the Man Cave: Sports Secrets Guys Don’t Share

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“Invade the Man Cave: Sports Secrets Guys Don’t Share”

[Interview on MG “live” this Wednesday October 21 2015 at 10:30 am]

katedelaneyWant to truly learn how to play with the Boys on their own turf? Nothing bonds men together more than sports. Kate Delaney‘s book is filled with sports facts and history across the board. Here are some excerpts from “Inside the Man Cave”

Invade the Man Cave Tip:

  • The Super Bowl is the end of the line every February. Conveniently it’s right before Valentine’s Day. Big Super Bowl parties are kind of like great weddings. Everyone excitedly arrives and the ritual ensues. Look up the quarterback, offense and defense of both teams so you know the seating chart. A little knowledge goes a long way.

Invade the Man Cave Road Trip:

  • Score huge points with your baseball fan man by suggesting a trip to Cooperstown, New York. Single? Also a great place for a girl’s weekend and it’s less than 4 hours from NYC. The home of the Major League Baseball Hall of fame is located in the land of idyllic bed and breakfasts spots.

Invade the Man Cave Tip:

  • If you like loud music and you like to dance the NBA is for you. The action is fast paced; usually there is a lot of scoring and plenty of musical interludes along the way. The game is pretty easy to follow and if you buy a program all the rules will be inside of the magazine along with a roster of the players.

Invade the Man Cave Betting Tip:

  • Don’t know much about the horses or pari-mutuel betting? Keep it simple. Win, place or show which means the horse comes in first, second or third. You don’t want to bet the ranch but look for a long shot for fun and get everyone with you to pitch in a few bucks on a horse. Kind of like the lottery.

Invade the Man Cave Day Trip:

  • If you’ve never played golf and think it’s boring and for geezers you are wrong. You need to experience it first hand by going to a pro tournament. Go to a PGA or an LPGA tourney on a day pass. Drink some ice tea, sit on the grass and watch the pros drive for show and putt for dough or something like that anyway.

Invade the Man Cave Tip:

  • If you go to a race in person get a headset so you can hear the driver conversations with the crew. It’s legal eavesdropping. Races are loud, fast and a long day so bring plenty of snacks or be prepared to hit the concession stands a bunch.


About Kate Delaney, author

Kate Delaney ( is an award winning broadcast personality who has interviewed over 12,000 people in 20 years in her radio and television career. She has also covered 15 Super Bowls, 10 U.S. Opens, 15 Final Fours, and a plethora of sporting events.

To see her book, click here.