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Signing a will, all you need to know

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Maitre Kadas and Maitre Pelonis were on MG ‘live’ to talk about Estate Planning, specifically signing a will.

  • What is a Last Will and Testament?
    • Confidential document in which you express your last wishes
  • Three types of wills:
    • Holograph or handwritten will
    • Will made in the presence of witnesses
    • Notarial will
  • What do I have to think about before my meeting with a Notary?
    • Who will inherit and in what proportions?
    • Who will settle my affairs? Liquidator (previously called executor)
    • Appointment, Replacement, Powers, Remuneration
    • Who will be the tutor/guardian of your minor children?
  • Funeral pre-arrangements
  • Consent or refusal to organ donation
  • How often should I update my will?
  • What happens if I die without a will?
    • Heirs must be proven – Declaration of Heirship
    • A liquidator must be appointed
    • The civil code decides who inherits and in what proportions


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